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OBJECT: This project includes a bridge that can be used for quick and safe arrivals in both civil and military areas to cross the natural barriers and the obstacles that arise from natural disasters.

BACKGROUND: The mobile bridge of German MAN Technology firm is the most improved example of the mobile bridges used today. This bridge is 26 meters long, and allows a maximum 24 meters of distance passing. It can be transported on highways and country by an appropriate vehicle. However, this bridge is not appropriate for deep valley passing wider than 24 meters, due to lack of telescopic legs.

DESCRIPTION: Bridge is designed to consist of 4 meters wide and 12 meters long sections; however, the design is appropriate for the productions of desired widths.




Transmission System

Approximate convoy weight

40 meters

800 hp

10X10-12 wheels

40 tones

63 meters

1000 hp

12X12-16 wheels

55 tones

87 meters

1200 hp

14X14-20 wheels

70 tones








Alkılınc Technology Co,. Ltd.’s patented project (Code: 950 TAT EK + E) Kinetic Energy Power Plant technology

The enterprises and institutions who want to generate or increase the production of electricity, their production will be done with “0” emission and “0” fuel consumption in case of using ALKILINC KINETIC POWER PLANT

Electricity produced by using the existing power generation infrastructure will be used at the T.A.T. Kinetic Power Plant as fuel. The amount of the output of the electricity from the T.A.T. Kinetic Power Plant will be increased by 33%. The demand increase, with the TAT Kinetic Power Plant technology, will be met by using the existing power generation infrastructure and without increasing the fossil-based or nuclear-based fuel consumption.

A special feature of this technology is having a similar direction with endless fission.

When you use the electricity from the existing electric network, the input of 1 MW electricity will reach to 1,33 MW output and will reach to 33% average increase and will continue endlessly. If Kinetic Power Plants are connected in a row, after 5 unit stations the generated energy will reach to 4 MW. When reaching to 4 MW power at the 5. unit; if you do not take into account the first 1 MW electricity input, then you will achieve 3 MW of electricity with “0″ emission and “0″ fuel at the total. That means 3 MW out of 4 MW is eventuated with “0″ emission and “0″ fuel.

Our project has more profitable technology when compared with the other energy technologies in respect of clean energy.  You can generate continuous electricity 24 hours a day with “0″ fuel and “0″ emissions.

Our price is lower than the price of the other clean energy systems.

You can see Alkilinc Kinetic Energy power plant in Turkey on-site any time you want.

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