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Mandatory Targets

Climate change is one of the most global issues that governments, businesses and society faced with. And human sourced carbon dioxide emissions are among the main causes of climate change. Today in the transportation sector, global CO2 is responsible from 15% rate as well. CO2 emission is expected to reach 22% in 2020.

Now, a great many countries set mandatory climate protection targets. United Nations released Tier III standards for marine engines. At the same time, many European Union member countries implementing increasingly stringent Euro Emission standards for trucks. Our CO2 rate is consistent with the efficient products, services portfolio, climate protection targets and the laws and legislations. Resource efficiency has already become a competitive factor.

ALKILINC aims to make a significant contribution to CO2. Keeping this opinion in mind, (at the end of the last century existing firms have been put this on their agenda) has appointed an internal team of experts to prepare a climate strategy.

Our Climate Strategy Milestones

Being as an active company worldwide in the fields of energy and transport, ALKILINC bears the responsibility for the production processes and products.


Production plants produce CO2 while consuming raw material and electricity. Our projects are preventing the increase of CO2 production.


The products we developed will be used in the transport of both passengers and goods as well as in the power generation. It has been developing products and services in this context. By avoiding rising of CO2, CO2 emission will be kept constant in the growing industries.

With the idea that we make an important contribution for the climate protection with our products and services all over the world, as a first step, we have set ourselves a target of cutting CO2. Inıtiated in 1994 and developed by our team to apply the three fundamental attemps, we have decided to reduce CO2 emissions by 28% as a target until 2020.

Basic attempts for the Climate Strategy implementation :

  1. By the year 2020 (basicly 2008) to reduce CO2 emissions in the ratio of 28 %

We are reducing CO2 by using combined heat and power. Through the integrated technology of energy management and the organization and by using the energy producing sources, we are including this to our work by improving energy efficiency.

2 Continuous efficient product portfolio
We got a specific position in Electrical Engineering sector with sustainable products, services and tools.
3 Climate strategy management
During the implementation of our Climate Strategy, we will regularly publish the measurings in the production and use of our products.

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