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Our company was established in 1987 as Alkılınc Manufacturing and as of 2000, continues to operate as Alkilinc technology. As of now, you can regard Alkilinc as it is has a 26-year company history.

Since 1990, in our company, we have been developing such engines and other projects capable of making 50% fuel savings in aircrafts as a system and having developed internal combustion engine running with high efficiency and with low emission rates in Aerospace, Defence, Energy, Construction Machinery and Automotive Industry which are capable to compete technically and commercially in the international arena. Since 1994 our attempts are ongoing by the international institutions and organizations.

Each and every project developed by ALKILINC has unrivalled features in its field. Alkilinc is one of the world’s leading Automotive, Energy and Mechanical Engineering companies. Alkilinc has a supplier position in turnkey projects and power plants.

The strategy followed by ALKILINC is aiming to create sustainable enhanced value in rapidly growing business areas within the framework of advanced technology-based Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Energy and Power Engineering.

Within ALKILINC in all the guiding principles, it is essential to comply with the sustainability principles. All ALKILINC employees create a behavior in accordance with the responsibility in the name of ALKILINC. ALKILINC plays an important role in product markets with its successful works as well as being reliable, innovative, dynamic and open to corporate values besides ALKILINC’s business activities.

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