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OBJECT: This project has been carried out in order to improve the weaknesses of the tracked and wheeled armored vehicles. Tracked vehicles has the ability to achieve pivot turn but they are limited in speed and road range; however wheeled vehicles can move long distances but inappropriate for use in narrow spaces as they cannot perform pivot turn. With this project, production of vehicles with different sizes and qualities, that can achieve both pivot turn and long-range mobility, is possible.


BACKGROUND: Armored land vehicles that is widely used today in various areas, such as tanks and staff porters in military and as heavy-duty machines, has two types of moving systems, either tracked or wheeled.


Tracked vehicles that can achieve pivot turn have been used with no changes in their moving systems up to today. Except their advantage in battlefield with pivot turn capability, these vehicles do not have movement ability in long-range roads, since their speed is bounded with maximum 70 km/h, and their range is limited with less than 500 km. With their lack of ability to move long distances because of their tracks and orientation systems with crowbar, this vehicles have to be transferred to some wheeled vehicles for transportation. Beyond that, this kind of tanks and staff porters become inactive if their tracks destroyed or track pins cut off when they are exposed to a mine or rocket assault. This leads to easy destruction and increases the losses. Also, if tracks of the vehicle are destroyed, it has to be moved to service on some other vehicle for repairs, since immediate repairs are not possible. Besides, in desert conditions, the sand can jam in tracks and make them immovable. Moreover, the size of tracked vehicles can not be easily lengthened because of extra friction coefficients in rotation due to track extension.


Tracked vehicles lack of ability in long distances. Wheeled armored vehicles have been designed to move long distances with speed up to around 100 km/h, and for a road range about 1000 km. Examples are USA made STRYKER with 62mph maximum speed and 312 miles road range, and EU made BOXER MRAV with 103 km/h maximum speed and 1050 km road range.. However, these vehicles do not have the ability for quick movements in battlefield, and inappropriate for the actions in narrow space. For instance, 8×8 vehicles require a turning range with approximately 20 meters diameter through 360 degrees, and this limits this vehicles’ movement ability for the streets in cities.


DESCRIPTION: Improvement studies in this project have been carried out in order to alleviate the negative aspects of tracked and wheeled vehicles and to make the defending vehicles more efficient.


Code: Specifications:
204 4X4 – 4 Wheels
206 6X6 – 6-8 Wheels
208 8X8 – 8-12 Wheels
210 10X10 – 10-12 Wheels
212 12X12 – 12-16 Wheels
214 14X14 – 14-20 Wheels



In the scope of this project, the production of tanks, portable cannons, staff porters, panzers and armored freight (fuel, ammunition etc.) porters are possible. These vehicles are for about 20 different purposes with maximum 70 tones weight and 12 meters length,


These vehicles can move with 90km/h speed in highways and 60km/h in country without being in need of another vehicle for transportation. Also, they are appropriate for long distance and long time driving with their steering mechanisms just like other overland vehicles.


The vehicles for military can move to a safe place with 40km/h speed with their extra featured rubbery rims, even after all of their tires destroyed with mine or rocket assault. Beyond that, the wheels can be replaced in a small amount of time like other overland vehicles, thus the vehicle becomes functional again.


For the tanks, it is possible to have them swim with external affixed floats when needed. Also, beyond tanks, light armored vehicles have the capability to swim in rough water up to 3 meters due to the volume arises from their body and wheels. With assembling water jets to the vehicle in production stage, these vehicles can be also used in load and staff transportations up to 10 tones of weight from ship to land, land to ship, ship to ship or in river and long distance water passing.



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